Chart Your
Own Path

On any given day, our engineers may be designing a modern laboratory for a hospital or commissioning state-of-the-art facilities for a university (like U of O’s Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact). These complex projects require creative vision and collective expertise, allowing for real-time learning opportunities — which means with our support system behind you, the opportunities for growth are limitless.

With flexible options for advancement at SWE, you’re empowered to define your career path. How can we help you elevate?

To get a better feel for who we are, check out the SWEsource — it’s our online guidebook with a mix of brand, culture, and how we get the work done together.

The SWE Experience

Since 19

Relationships with project managers and clients go way back — it seems like there’s a lot of friendly, established clients. It’s almost like extended family of the company. Our community of clients and projects feels like a small town.

Joe Iaccarino Director of Energy Services
Since 18

I enjoy the intellectual challenges. I’ve developed tools that are put to use on projects. It gives me a sense of pride that I could meet a need and have the tool persist.

Austin VanderPlaat Electrical Designer
Since 19

The culture is great. I knew I was starting from ground level, and they taught me how to apply my education. The entire team helped to get me going. Everyone always took time out of their day to help train. Looking back now, I’m very appreciative.

Sam Grogan Commissioning Engineer
Since 13

Even before I had ownership in the company, I had ownership in the work product. I was able to provide a lot of input in different aspects and growth elements of the company. I was given a lot of trust and treated well.

Paul Fooks Senior Mechanical Engineer
Since 20

Living from one coast to the other, I’ve worked with many different companies. SWE is hands down the best — the team, the hiring process, the communication. The honesty and openness throughout the company is amazing! This is a company you remain loyal to. One that’s loyal to you. It’s a place you retire from.

Lisa Owyen Plumbing Designer

Hear more from our team about their experience through hiring, onboarding, and getting integrated with our community — all of that plus employer stats you care about in SWE From the Inside Out.

& Perks

We support our team with everything you’d expect in a robust benefits package — competitive salary, flexible time off, and comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Beyond the traditional benefits, we also offer additional perks that exemplify the Systems West core values:

Company Performance Bonus

Our successes are mutual. We celebrate them as a team with annual performance bonuses.

Retirement Contributions

SEP IRA contributions for eligible employees.

Commuter Incentive

Employees who use alternate forms of transportation can earn $0.50 per mile saved by biking, walking, riding the bus, rollerblading, carpooling, or telecommuting.

Flexible Work Options

We trust our team to work effectively in or out of the office. We’ve found that transparency and open communication enable a hybrid work model for when life happens.

Onboarding & Training Programs

Career development opportunities include self-directed online courses and structured time with managers and teammates.

License Renewal & Certification

We reserve a budget to cover costs associated with engineering license renewals and professional certifications.