Our Approach to Energy

We shaped our approach to account for each key perspective on our way to minimizing the ecological impacts of the built environment. Through close, thoughtful collaboration with various stakeholders, we can inform our deepest analysis with clear goals and a realistic path to implementation.



Trajectory & Guidance

We kick off an energy analysis by leading an open discussion and listening closely to the owner’s objectives for the building. With a baseline understanding of its performance and issues, our team can advise on scope and direction for the project, and preview how we’ll guide our collaboration.

Support Owner Goals

Sustainability Vision

Clarity on Success Metrics

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Trust & Momentum

The project team expands as we sync up with your facilities team to uncover all the information we need, including MEP drawings, sequence of operations, and building system trend data. Our in-house design and commissioning expertise helps us to ask better questions for more thorough discovery and an informed approach to the onsite visit.

Identify Key Data & Documentation

Blind Spot Illumination

Explore Symptoms & Issues

Incentive Funding Facilitation

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Context & Possibilities

Once in the building, we review site plans and do a detailed walk-through of the facility with the people that know it best — your maintenance crew. By hearing their experience and seeing the space first-hand, we have a more complete picture of where the challenges lie and how you might create efficiencies.

Uncover Root Issues

Spatial Awareness

Formulate Impactful Opportunities

Understanding of Limitations

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Clarity & Accuracy

As we synthesize our findings, we reconnect with the owner and project team to solidify the scope and hone the direction of our deeper analysis. Together we’ll ensure major questions are resolved while informing the most current and accurate analysis with insights from vendors, utilities, and the cross-disciplinary team at SWE.

Right-Fit Assessment & Methods


Vendor-Informed Costs & Efficiencies

Owner Alignment

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Informed Decisions & Path Forward

Beyond delivery of our clear and detailed report, what’s most essential in this phase is continuing the conversation. As other stakeholders join in, we answer remaining questions to arrive at a shared understanding. The insights we offer are only as useful as they are actionable — we’ll guide you through what’s next for implementation with our design and commissioning experts at the table.

ROI & Value Proposition

Secure Incentives

Engaged Communication

Clear & Actionable Recommendations

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth

Energy Services

While our technical expertise informs building solutions, what you’ll experience as a project leader is consistent momentum and a streamlined path to optimal performance and improved occupant experience. We equip the project team to meet and often exceed sustainability benchmarks like LEED and net-zero.

From pre-design cost-benefit analysis to equipment simulations, our insights inform critical decisions to help balance investments in the building envelope, active and passive systems, and on-site renewable energy systems.

Energy Modeling
  • Early Design Assistance
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Path-to-Net Zero Support
  • LEED Compliance
  • SEED Compliance
  • Code Compliance – Performance Rating Method
  • Simulation-Aided Design Support
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • SB 1149 and Utility Incentive Coordination
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Technical Analysis Studies
  • Energy Efficiency Measure (EEM) Comparative Analysis
  • Green House Gas Emissions Reduction Analysis
  • Buildings and Central Plants
  • Energy Benchmarking
  • EEM Identification
  • Controls Optimization

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