Our Approach to Commissioning

In commissioning, we create a foundation for success by contributing to early concepts and by building an informed and engaged team. We maintain a hands-on approach to testing and verification and collaborate with the entire project network to realize each stakeholder’s unique priorities.


Planning /

Foundation for Project Success

Early engagement is critical for effective teaming and building trust between project contributors. By collaborating from the outset, we contribute not only to project vision but to an informed project team. We ensure consistent communication, clear expectations, and early buy-in from project stakeholders.

Team Building

Clearly Defined Roles & Responsibilities

Conceptual Design Assistance

OPR Development

Early Goal Alignment

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Detailed Requirements Documentation

Minimal change orders and decreased potential for error? You got it. Our experience and breadth of in-house expertise position us as a trusted resource in any project team. We’re committed to finding and resolving issues early, and we share our lessons learned to find alignment on an elevated project vision.

Full Design Reviews

Integrated Design Participation

Cooperative Solutions

Early Issue Identification

Detailed Control Coordination

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Early Issue Resolution

A consistently high level of engagement creates trust within the project team. We work side by side with the General Contractor to ensure highly detailed and accurate equipment submittals. With manufacturing, electrical, plumbing, fire, design, and commissioning all under one roof, we understand the work from an array of perspectives and collaborate closely with the project team to identify construction issues early for a streamlined building process.

Site Visit Reports

Consistent On-site Presence

High-level Contractor Engagement

Systems Integration Leadership

Sub-consultant Coordination

Customized QC Documentation

Cooperation & Team Building

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Quality Assurance

We know what we’re looking for and we know how to find it. Our hands-on approach gives us a comprehensive understanding of complexities specific to your project. We’re on site with you, manipulating the controls ourselves to test systems and ensure no issue goes unresolved. Tenacity — that’s what it demands and that’s what we bring.

Descriptive Issues

Rigorous Hands-on Testing

Collaborative Resolutions

Thorough Systems Checks

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth

Post Occupancy

Continued Commitment

Post-occupancy isn’t glamorous, but it remains a crucial phase in reaching our definition of complete. We stick around well after the project is built. When everyone’s ready to move on, we stay engaged as an advocate and partner in issue resolution. Ongoing industry relationships let us hold the team accountable in ways that align with their own motivations, ensuring mutual success for the entire project network.

Ongoing Engagement

Optimal Building Performance

Detailed Training Documentation

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth

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