Our Approach to Design

We developed our approach to build team connection and create alignment on fundamental concepts. With a clear understanding of project requirements, we dig deeper for granular details then produce the high-quality documentation that allows our fellow contributors to push forward in their domains.


Planning /

Clear & Realistic Vision

At the beginning of a project, we dig deep to uncover the critical information needed to create clarity and efficiency throughout all subsequent phases. By highlighting hidden complexities, we define a realistic path toward your project vision.

Conceptual Solutions

Budget Accountability

Understanding of Success

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Concepts & Budget Reconciliation

As we refine the project scope, we take great care to guide the entire team of contributors in specifying accurate project requirements. What earns us trust every time: our high level of judgement, substantive comments, and commitment to shared project success.


Spatial Awareness

Foundational Concepts

Informed Budgeting

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Coordination & Momentum

Just like our systems are integrated into all parts of the building, we see our role as integrators on the team. We facilitate effective collaboration by gathering and distributing key insights across the project team. When we encounter issues, we take the lead on resolving them before it can impact our momentum.

Intentional Concepts

Collaborative Solutions

Strategic Development

Checks & Balances

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Comprehensive & Accurate Documentation

Our partners often comment on our remarkably accurate and comprehensive project documentation. We’ve invested heavily in our 3D modeling capabilities and QC process, because we understand the importance of accounting for every detail. The result: minimal RFIs and optimal constructability.

Informed Design

Integrated Team Reviews

Maintenance Provisions

Comprehensive Control Strategies

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Quality Assurance

Consistent communication is what enables a team to move forward throughout the CA phase. As questions or challenges arise, our experts deliver practical solutions with a high level of responsiveness and clarity.

Proactive Solutions

Responsive Participation


Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth


Commitment to Project Success

We only consider a project complete when every single issue has been successfully resolved. It takes trust and tenacity to get there — we have both in our DNA. Even long after construction, many partners rely on us as an expert resource to the project community.

Continued Engagement

Project & Team Elevation
Technical Depth

Design Services

  • Master Planning
  • Facility Evaluation
  • Feasibility Studies
Building Design
  • Facility Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Certified Lighting Design

Featured Design Work

Oregon State University Owen Hall Restoration

The Owen Classroom Restoration Project was a comprehensive initiative to address water damage and restore the functionality and aesthetics of multiple floors within the building.

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