• 100,000 square feet
  • $48 million

Phoenix High School Renovation

Long-Standing Partnership

Systems West Engineers is proud to serve our southern Oregon communities and to provide commissioning services for the Phoenix High School Renovation and Addition project. We have an established history with the Phoenix-Talent School District performing retrofit commissioning services on Phoenix High School, as well as commissioning services for the District’s elementary and middle schools.

Working Effectively and Proactively

The primary goal of this project was to ensure that the school had a complete and functioning HVAC, DDC/BAS controls system, additional exhaust controls, lighting controls, and electronic access controls. One key aspect of this project was the installation of a VRF mechanical system. This system was selected for its efficiency and ability to provide individual comfort control in each room of the building. It was a right-fit solution for Phoenix High School and allows students and faculty to work and learn in a comfortable environment.

We faced several commissioning challenges, including discrepancies in the BAS graphics and the configuration of the economizer dampers. This required collaboration and attention to detail with the controls contractor to solve the issue and ensure that all systems were functioning optimally. Despite these challenges, we were able to resolve the issues to the satisfaction of the school district.

Commitment to Excellence

Overall, we are grateful to have been a part of this project, which will provide the students and faculty of Phoenix High School with a comfortable and efficient learning environment for years to come. The previous high school was not suited for long-term, comfortable learning. Around 70% of the rooms did not have windows, lacking natural light. We have helped ensure the school has flexible spacing and areas for students to perform their best and intake information. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians worked diligently to ensure that all systems were commissioned properly, and we look forward to future projects with the Phoenix-Talent School District.

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